About Me

My name is Dhandapani Palanisamy. I am an International FIDE rated player working under popular Grandmaster in India, coaching many children from various countries through online. I have fifteen years of professional teaching experience, and I enjoy working with Kids. I'm here for you and will do my best to make your kids a better chess player!

During my lessons I often concentrate on positional understanding and tactical vision more than opening preparation, Endgames and game analysis are frequent, as well. My lesson plans are progressive and will be structured around your improvement. I created some strong players, they have also international rating. If you're interested in lessons, have a question, or expecting more information, you can contact me.

As I teach chess to others across my region, I continue to be active in my own chess study. I have studied with the likes of GM Sergey Zabalovtskiy and GM Andrew Summets, I hope to teach my students many of the principles they have helped to instill in me.

Chess Puzzles

Everyone loves chess puzzles. The chess puzzles on Strategem is one of the most popular pages for visitors. When the site first launched I only posted the hardest puzzles out there. I have now added an easy section for those players that really enjoy puzzles but might not be able to solve the hard puzzles yet. I have recently also added a medium section for those that want a little harder challenge than the easy puzzles. Also included below is a live board with puzzles to solve by making moves! Some puzzles have hints if you need help but you can always email me if you are still stuck and want some extra help. Enjoy the puzzles.

Our Coaches

Our Trainers, with over 10+ years of coaching experience offer Online Private Chess Classes across all levels. From Beginner to advanced, we deliver an outstanding curriculum to suit the learning needs of the student and set clear targets. Select your coach today and get started! Online Coaching Rates are difference ranged charged per hourly. Select a trainer to learn more:


An International FIDE rated player / Won in women district selection / Best women prize in Jamal college / First women senior nation arbiter / First women fide arbiter in our district


An International FIDE rated player

Leo Eliyas

All India University player.


International FIDE rated player.

Vaisalie K

Asian fourth under 13 / Sgfi gold under 19 / Sgfi gold under 17 / South zone Anna University participate / College Inter zonal Third(2018-19) / College Zonal first(2019-20) / College Interzone fourth(2019-20)

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the individual. Talks are going on to introduce National, Asian and World Chess Championships for kids below 6 years of age. With that in view, we believe that the ideal age to start chess is between 5 to 6, provided the child shows some interest towards the game.

A strong chess player is moulded by the cumulative efforts of the player himself/herself, parents, trainers, sponsors, school and so on. But primarily, a child looks up to his/her parents for material resources and emotional needs.

As a parent you can…

  • play with your child and develop the interest and confidence in the game.
  • be a mentor and motivate your child by narrating insipiring stories and events.
  • purchase chess material for individual practice at home.
  • instil the importance of learning the right things well.
  • prevent your child from racing towards victory through shortcuts and instead encourage him/her to earn it through hard work and commitment.
  • plan everything to balance the time between academics, training and tournaments.
  • identify the right trainer for individual training when your child reaches a certain level.
  • identify the tournaments to participate and plan intense training sessions for preparation before a tournament.
  • persuade the school to support your child’s chess ventures.
  • teach them the importance of individual practice at home.
  • help your child handle expected and unexpected results in a balanced way.
  • Chess is a sport, so winning and losing is completely normal.

A good trainer can motivate the child in the right way, teach the essential basics of the game, set the right attitude, kindle the interest in learning and working individually at home. The trainer should incline your child more towards learning so that victories come automatically but not the other way round.

According to a school of thought, it takes roughly 20 hours per week of practice to become a successful professional in any discipline. It would be ideal if a child, aspiring to become a Grand Master, can practice chess 2 hours a day during weekdays/schooldays and around 4 hours on weekends. Chess being an individual sport, a player should learn to think for himself/herself and take tough decisions all by himself/herself. Regular individual work will help improve these qualities greatly! The importance of home work in chess cannot be emphasized enough.

Help your children to reach next level in chess, we will give professional coaching.

Beginner to Advanced. Our chess lessons were designed to teach both programs in an engaging and easily digestible way. One-on-one lessons allow the student to ask many questions and learn new techniques and strategies at his or her own pace. It enables the educator to tailor the educational programs to the individual student.